Common Grace

Do you have health insurance

but the cost of things not covered makes you  uncomfortable?

Saving Grace

This is the  most economical way

of taking care of your medical expenses - sharing them with other people just like you.

Empowering Grace

This program is for people

who are in need of protection

that is beyond insurance and

even beyond health care sharing.

Is the high cost of health insurance really worth it? There is another way to pay for medical expenses -

Grace Healthshare


> Contact a Grace Mission to discover real value

Taking care of your healthcare expenses in a way that is both timeless and timely.

Research & Question

What is healthsharing and how it's a different way of paying for healthcare

Become a Member of the Grace family

Membership has its benefits - and it all begins with trust and Grace

You get the care you need 

You can go to any provider you want - but remember you are a Member of the Grace family

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