About Grace HealthShare

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It's all about sharing Grace

Grace HealthShare was formed to provide a modern yet traditional method of dealing with healthcare cost.  Grace "Members" share each other's medical cost burden as they are all part of a "benevolent fraternity."  Each Member pays into a shared resource that others request help with they incur expenses.  It's like a joint savings account - an automatic "Go Fund Me" page, requiring everyone to pay each month in which to participate.

You can go to any doctor and request any procedure but remember - you are sharing the resource with other Members who are trusting one another to do the right thing and use the resource wisely.  We all know that medical professionals are thorough but is it always necessary?  Therefore, Members agree to take care of each other and be good stewards of our shared resource.

There are other healthsharing organizations but Grace is different.  Here's why:  (1) we are a Christian organization and believe in the Good News of the Gospel.  But if you are unsure of your faith, that's okay - we understand.  Hopefully, you'll find confidence and guidance in the love and trust that we all as Members share; (2) Grace deploys Grace Missions (read more on the "Missions" tab) to spread the good news (the value of Grace HealthShare) and the Good News (of God's love).  Missions also are advocates for Members making Grace more than just a faceless website.  Grace Missionaries are real people who believe in the Covenant of Grace - a promise to share resources, trust, faith, and love.  We care when we share.

However you define it, the sharing economy is a disruptive force, blowing up the traditional business models. 

Grace HealthShare is the future of paying for medical services yet it is rooted in time-proven tradition.