YES!  Employees get benefits

NO! Employee benefits given

As an employer, you know that giving employees a nice benefit package means that you can attract better employees who will be happier and who will stay working for you longer.  After all, it cost a lot to hire and train employees. But the cost of a decent benefit package is high and getting more expensive all the time!


You are an employer and you wish you could give benefits BUT either all the people who work for you are contractors or even if you have employees, the cost for a worthwhile benefit package is just too much. You wish you could give benefits - heck you could use them too - but there's just no way that benefits fit into your business budget.

Grace HealthShare's Good Graces program utilizes 

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) combined with Grace HealthShare Programs

like Saving Grace and Encompassing Grace 

to help employers give employees and even contractors

health cost benefits with real value while not costing you a lot.