When we were young, our parents attempted to teach us all about "sharing."  Share your toys.  Share your snacks.  Share your parents' attention with your siblings. They did this because they knew that one day, we'd want to explore sharing our health care expenses.  Okay, probably not, but it's still a good idea.  Here's how health care sharing works at Grace:

1.  Every month all the members will submit their monthly "share" which is put into an account which represents their portion of the Grace family's total "sharing resource."  

2.  Let's say you get a cold - you can use the Teledoc feature of Grace and not have to sit in a doctor's office.  If you need to go to a doctor, you can choose any doctor you want.  (We think that it would be best if you go to a  "sharing friendly" physician but you can go anywhere because there is no "network" of care givers).

3. You have to go to a doctor.  Just present your Grace Pass. We'll take care of the negotiation and payment.  If there's a portion that is not sharable, we'll let you know.  (Or you can call before and we'll tell you).

4. If you need treatment for something serious, we want to know.  As we're a family, we'll support you - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

5.  Depending on the Grace Program that you're under, we'll apply a shares from other members to pay anything that you aren't responsible for yourself.

6. If you have a question, you can always ask your local Mission or direct it to Grace Member Service.  

7. The Member dashboard allows you to see where your sharing funds are going.  You can also see what medical challenges each Member is going through.  You can even dash them a message of encouragement and a promise of prayer.  With Grace, you are never facing medical challenges alone.

8.  There are limits to how much can be shared.  Why?  Because we all know that sometimes the treatment for some malady will result in a life that will be radically different than what we both believe is optimum. We'll discuss this with you and no matter, we will still support you.



Grace Healthshare is kind of like many small streams that flow into a lake.  Each Member has their own stream (their monthly share) but it's the Grace family lake (the sharing resource).


Every so often a Member will have a medical need.  The Member makes a request for funds, like dipping a bucket into the lake.  Here, each stream contributes a little to the lake which fills the bucket.  Depending on the Member's Grace program, the Member might have to add a cup or two of their own to pay the medical bill.


Sometimes a bucket is not enough.  We'll help you put out life's fires.