Common Grace is for those who already have a health   insurance policy (maybe they get it through work) but still you are not comfortable being exposed to all the high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance.  With Common Grace, you choose to narrow the gap  between what the insurance you have covers and the amount of financial responsibility you are comfortable with.  Your insurance covers almost nothing?  "Common Grace" gives you the peace-of-mind that you really want.


Saving Grace is our standard healthcare sharing program.  You submit a share monthly that gets put into your Grace account to be shared with others when they have a need.  If you or your family needs medical bills paid, you submit a request access to the shared resource.  In Saving Grace, you can request for if you or a family member has any event that costs more than $300/event or when medical bills total more than $3,000 for your family for the year.  Quite simply, if you are tired of paying a lot for health insurance and getting so little value, then consider Saving Grace - the program that binds us together as a family.  It really does save!


You need something more.  You might be accustomed to health insurance and you're okay with it- everything but the cost.  Or maybe you don't fit exactly into the typical "sharing" box.  Perhaps you're older or you've had some really serious medical challenges in the past.  Yet, you desire to become part of a real community of Grace.  Well we've got something really different than anything else out there.  It combines the benefits of sharing with the contract of insurance.  Encompassing Grace is a hybrid and this is the only place you can find it.