Grace Missions - called to serve Members

The Grace Difference:  Missionaries


The promise of Grace HealthShare is achieved via Missionaries who help introduce the benefits and value of Grace to potential members as well as assist and advocate for the Members they have in their Mission. Grace believes that making sure that how you pay for medical services is a personal decision and deserves personal attention.  Thus, a Grace Mission, a local resident who is just like you, provides the kind of service that goes beyond what you might get from buying health insurance - either an impersonal agent or a faceless website or call center.  Grace Missionaries are different because they are literally part of your community as well as your family.

Find out how you can benefit

from becoming a Grace Member

or just what it's like to be a Missionary.

You can become an active Missionary too!  It's rewarding - Missionaries share the concept of Grace Healthshare, support members, and are paid to do it.   

Is it a job?  Yes.  Is it a vocation?  Yes! 

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