Grace provides healthcare cost sharing

Health sharing is NOT insurance - thank goodness!


Everyone knows about health insurance:  it costs a lot but only becomes worthwhile when something bad happens.  Otherwise, it just sits there taking a big chunk of your paycheck every month.  In fact, the only thing that you'll spend more money on during your lifetime other than health insurance is a house - and for that investment you receive value today (somewhere to live), during tax time (some interest you write off), and tomorrow (something you sell and hopefully make money on).  Unfortunately, health insurance simply takes and takes and makes you feel like you'll never get real value from it.

But what if there was another way to pay for healthcare?  There is!  Healthcare sharing is NOT insurance.  Instead, it's a time-honored traditional way of a community sharing each other's burdens.  It uses the idea of depending on each other, a concept that has been forgotten in this day of record-setting insurance company profits.  Here, members pay a monthly amount that is FAR less that what they pay for insurance and it gets applied to other member's medical costs as they need it.  Health care sharing is like a permanent "Go Fund Me" page - it's always there and totally dependable.

You can read all about healthsharing online and in and in our Q&A section.  We have to tell you, and we're sure you'll read other places too, that healthsharing is not a contract to pay for yours or anyone else's medical bills.  That's true!  But instead of a contract, healthshare is a "covenant," a promise to pay that you, and other members, make to each other.  Grace HealthShare members trust each other - we're not going to let you down when the need arises.