Q.  Paying for medical coverage is a serious issue as it means my family's health, welfare and even financial future are being entrusted to you.  I realize that health insurance is a necessary evil but at least it is an evil I know.  Can I really trust a health care sharing organization?  

A. Here's an analogy:  when your house is on fire, you call the fire department.  They are professionals that you pay (with your tax dollars) to come put out the fire.  But did you know that in the US, 69% of all firefighters are volunteers.  In other words, fire fighting is not their first career.  Do you trust them to come to your rescue?  Of course!  These men and women are pledged to helping you just as much as the paid professionals.

We've been taught (and it's the law) that we have to have health insurance - no matter how bad a deal it is.  But did you now that 66.5% of all bankruptcies in the US are caused by the high cost of healthcare?  Think about it - even though these people have insurance, all of those deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and non-covered expenses still bankrupt them!

Wouldn't it be better to find a way - a community pledged to protecting you, like volunteer firefighters - to help pay for medical expenses?  A way that is not only more efficient but also satisfies the law that requires you to have health insurance?  Honestly, can you afford not to discover this way?   You just did.  Welcome to Grace HealthShare.

Q:  I've read that Grace does not have to pay if I have a medical need.  Is that true?

A: Yes and No.  You might have read (in other sources and even here - see "Legals" under the "NOT Insurance!" tab) that Grace has no legal obligation to pay any of your medical bills.  It's true!  A relationship with Grace HealthShare is not a contract - instead it's a "covenant," a blood promise to help.  See our volunteer firefighter analogy above.  Or imagine that you need real help with an emergency.  Would your family help?  Your neighbors?   Both of the answers to these is probably "yes."  But what about complete strangers?  Your answer is probably "maybe."  But what if those strangers were part of a community that is pledged to helping one another?  That is exactly what Grace is.  

Q. What about pre-existing conditions?  Can I join Grace if I've had a serious medical issue in the past?

A. Consider how health care sharing works.  All Members put money into a shared resource to be used by Members in need.  But what do we do when someone wants to join and we know that they will start taking  from that resource immediately?  We are stuck - we want to help others but realize that this we have is no longer a "shared resource" but a "taking resource."  This does not add to the concept of community.  So, we've worked out a number of ways for someone with pre-existing conditions to join:  (a) their pre-existing condition can be in the remote past (5 years) then they are viewed as condition free; or (b) they can subscribe to the Encompassing Grace program; or (c) they can bring others in at the same time, thus they have people join who help take that burden (and receive the benefit of membership as well); or (d) we can help them with a Go Fund Me arrangement which will allow them to come in with something that will help defray their immediate request.  Bottom line - we can probably find a way to anyone.

Q. Is there a limit to how much of the sharing resource that I can receive?

A. Yes.  There is a limit that on one can receive more than $500,000 in aid in their lifetime.  There is a practical reason for this (the resource belongs to all and some must be reserved) and a ethical one (anything that is truly a serious medical issue must be considered (what will the quality of life be if the expensive treatment only extends the length of life while diminishing the quality of it).   The latter is generally understood by all while the former will be discussed with the Member individually.  We make exceptions to the limit but everyone understands there is a limit.

Q.  Is Grace a Christian organization and do I have to be a Christian to join?

A.  Grace HealthShare's foundation is absolutely Christian.  We believe that Jesus Christ called on all men to share one another's burdens and that Jesus is the perfect example of someone who sacrificed himself for others.  We also believe that Jesus came for everyone, not just those who can "prove" that they are his followers.  Jesus said that "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  I have not come to call the righteous, but the sinners to repentance."  (Luke 5:31-31).  Grace does not require you to say you are a follower of Christ.  But you do have to be willing to care for others.  And if you are seeking something even more than help paying for medical bills, we know where you can find that too.

Q.  I just lost my job and can't pay my monthly share.  What happens to me?

A.  If someone is suddenly in need, do we turn our backs on them?  Maybe if this is a contractual relationship, where we were trying to turn a profit, we might say "pay up or stay out."  But we're family and family doesn't treat its own that way.  We'll work together to help out.  Just talk with us.

Q. What's the difference between Grace HealthShare and other health care sharing organizations?

A.  There are many ways that Grace is different - innovative programs (like Common Grace and Encompassing Grace), the desire to service everyone, even if you can't certify your Christian beliefs, and most importantly Grace Missions.  Missionaries carry the good news of Grace everywhere - affordability, value, and personal care.  For Members, Grace Missions are both a sales rep and advocate - a front-line personal relationship.  And people who pledge themselves to become a Mission can be rewarded, both financially and spiritually.  If you are interested in really making a difference, please let us know.